At Manchester Dental Specialists we provide a full range of restorative dental care as described below.

Periodontics - this is the speciality of diagnosing and treating patients with gum disease and a Periodontist is the dentist who treats these patients often with the assistance of a dental hygienist - to read more click here >>>

 Prosthodontics - this involves a wide range of resorative treatments ranging from costmetic worries, restoration of worn teeth, replacement of dentures to dental implants, from routine to the more complex - to read more click here >>> 

 Endodontics - this therapy is concerned with removing the infection from the root
canal(s) of the offending teeth and so improving the chances of the tooth not having to be extracted - to read more click here >>> 

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) - TMD incorporates problems associated with the occlusion (bite), the jaw joints and jaw muscles, they are very common in the population but are often not recognised - to read more click here >>>

Implantology - loss of teeth has important functional and psychological implications especially if their replacement involves wearing a denture, dental implants are recognised as a predictable treatment option - to read more click here >>>

Surgical Dentistry - this involves the diagnosis and treatment of more complex surgical procedures in the mouth for example, removal of lesions on the gums or other soft tissue - to read more click here >>>