Endodontics is therapy is concerned with removing the infection from the root canal(s) of the offending teeth and so improving the chances of the tooth not having to be extracted.

Endodontic (root canal) therapy is concerned with removing the infection from the root canal(s) of your offending tooth, which may have been giving you unpleasant symptoms. Techniques and equipment have advanced enormously in the recent past and this has enhanced the success rate of treatment. Many more patients now want to keep their teeth and treatment by a Specialist in Endodontics, with their extended Postgraduate University training and up to date equipment, greatly enhances the success rate of endodontic therapy therby allowing you to keep a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. This is especially important with teeth that are retaining a bridge, crown or denture.

The Specialist Endodontist is also able to detect teeth which might be cracked and would otherwise lead to chronic or otherwise undiagnosed symptoms.

All treatments are performed under microscopy using computerised digital x-rays and diagnostic equipment. This means there is a lower radiation exposure for you the patient and also to the specialist and our staff. Apical Surgery under microscopic magnification is also available (Endodontic Microsurgery).

The treatment involves removal of all infected material from the root canals of the teeth, cleaning and disinfecting the area and sealing and filling the roots. Upon completion of the treatment the tooth wil continue to function normally and will be pain free. Your general dentist will then need to restore the top of the tooth soon after.

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