Manchester Dental Specialists Fees

Detailed below are typical fees for each area of dental speciality. In some cases, due to the nature of the the treatment, it is only possible to provide an approximate fee, whereas in other we can be more precise.  

Note that the fees for a course of treatment cannot be confirmed until a consultation has been performed and therefore the fees listed below are for guidance purposes only. Please click on the treatment type below to see the fees.

General Fees
Restorative Treatment
Temporomandibular Disorders

General Fees

General Treatment Price £
Consultation without x-ray 120
Consultation with x-ray 145

Restorative Treatment

Restorative Treatment Price £
Crown, bridges, veneers 700 per tooth
Restoration of dental implant 1250 per tooth
Upper and lower denture 1500
Single denture 1100
Whitening 300 per arch


Periodontal Treatment Price £
Surgery with or without bone regeneration prices from 500
Full mouth disinfection prices from 850
Surgical crown lengthening prices from 1000
Recession coverage prices from 1000
Socket preservation surgery prices from 750


Impant Treatment Price £
Restored implants prices from 2500


Endodontic Treatment Price £
Consultation only (performed upon request) 120
Root canal therapy (any tooth, 1 visit) prices up to 560 - 595
Root canal therapy (2 appointments) prices from 640
Endodontic Microsurgery (after Consultation) prices between 700 - 850
Apical Surgery 600 - 800
Removal of fractured instruments / posts add 80
Direct core build-up without post add 60
Direct core build-up with direct post add 80
Dental Panoral Tomograph (required in some surgical cases) add 50

Temporomandibular Disorders

Treatment Price £
Sleep Apnoea Appliance (SAA) 320
Mandibular Advancement Appliance (MAA) 375
Anterior Repositioning Splint (APS) 545
Stabilisation Splint (SS) 785
Occlusal Equilibration (OE) 955
Further consultations where required per visit 95